"Kahit Ano" : A Synopsis

This year's PCN script is written by Venice Santos and Christabel Asuncion. This story tells of four female childhood friends, Anne, Leonora, Kya, and JoJo, growing up together in the Philippines during Corazon Aquino’s presidential reign and historical People Power Revolution of the 1980s. Each of them face common problems of Filipino teens like trying to live up to familial expectations, coming to terms with one’s self, and maintaining control of their own lives. Regardless of the individual struggles they endure, the four always come back to each other for strength, support, and love. As they go their separate ways, each are challenged by new stages in their adult lives. They reunite five years later and remember the promise they made before leaving - “Kahit Ano”. In Tagalog, it means “no matter what”. Kahit ano, keep the people you love close to you. Kahit ano, follow your dreams. Kahit ano, never forget where you came from because it takes knowing and remembering where you came from to drive you towards where you want to go. Because the moment you forget who you are and what you have, you will never be able to accomplish anything.

Meet the acting cast!

Abby Salvador

"Anne Ocampo"

Anne Ocampo is the most mature of the group. Her father is an unemployed, abusive drunk and her mother works all day to support the family. Anne embodies the roles of an Ate and a typical housewife: cooking, cleaning, raising her siblings, and selling food on the side, while going to school. Anne dreams of college, but knows her family cannot afford it nor can she leave her siblings behind. She maintains her composure for her friends and family, but at the cost of hiding her emotions and allowing her stress build within herself.

Kat Clavel

"Leonora DeJesus Torres"

Leonora DeJesus Torres lives a privileged life in Manila. Both of her parents worked their way out of the fields to establish themselves as esteemed doctors in the city. Her whole life, Leonora has been compared to her older brother and pushed by her parents to get nothing below A’s so she can graduate at the top of her class, attend the University of Philippines College of Medicine and become a doctor at the family hospital. Torn between her passion for dancing and constant pressure from her parents, Leonora confides more and more with JoJo and their relationship deepens. Leonora is inspired by Presidente Corazon Aquino’s political movement and uses it to push her to take control of her own life.

Danielle Ocampo

"Kya Natividad"

Kya Natividad is known as the class clown and biggest trouble-maker, constantly bickering with Leonora. With her mother dead and father in the military, Kya has been raised by her sickly Lola Nati. Barely making the grades to graduate, Kya leaves her support system in the Philippines and moves to America to attend college and be with her father. While in America, Kya completely assimilates to the American culture and embodies all the trends of 1990s. When she returns to the Philippines, she resents the culture and chooses to forget the teachings of her Lola.

Ariel Chavez

"Jojo Manahan"

Josefina “JoJo” Manahan is the most beautiful girl in school, but is oblivious to the fact that Alvin Talo has been crushing on her since they were little because JoJo is gay. She completely hides her sexual identity and presents herself as the perfect daughter in order to maintain her family’s cohesiveness. How will everyone react when they find out about her new relationship with Leonora? JoJo’s choice to reveal/hide her true self will eventually lead to her losing herself or worse, her life.

Alvin Talo

"Ryne Hirang"

Alvin Talo has had the biggest and longest crush on JoJo, but soon has to accept the fact that JoJo is gay. He then agrees to be JoJo’s fake boyfriend to hide the fact that JoJo is gay to her family.

John Duque

"RJ Bermudez"

RJ Bermudez is Alvin’s misogynistic friend. He finds out the truth behind Alvin and JoJo’s fake relationship and threatens to tell everyone. He later grows to understand and becomes an ally for womyn empowerment and homosexuality.

Kenji Santillan

"Nash Aguilar"

Nash Aguilar is Alvin’s friend who is always cracking jokes and is slow at times to follow what is happening.

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